Emergency Department General Information

The Bicol Medical Center – Emergency Department (BMC-ER) is responsible for providing immediate medical and surgical care 24/7 to individuals who require immediate care, in danger of dying, and those who may have suffered severe physical injuries mandated in the Republic Act 6615, Section 1.

The Emergency room is an area in the hospital where patients with emergent health conditions can go to for consultation and management. It is prepared and equipped to provide comprehensive emergency care and is intended for patients with acute life-threatening health problems needing immediate resuscitation, stabilization, and non-emergent situations. 

The BMC- Emergency Department has a New Emergency Room and Trauma Center that caters to Medical and Surgical patients needing Trauma and General Surgery. It also has Orthopedic and Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Ophthalmology, Medico-legal (Injuries or Event, Vehicular Accidents, Mauling, Murder, and Suicide), and Internal Medicine consultations. Simultaneously, the Pediatric and OB-GYN Services and WCPU cases remain in the old Emergency Room Medical Arts (ERMA) building.

We also offer services which include Ambulance Transport and Emergency Pre-hospital Response, Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) services, Medico-legal consultations, Ambulatory Care Services, and Ancillary Services: Animal Bite Service, Women, and Child Protection Unit (WCPU), Poison Control Unit, Satellite Pharmacy, and Medical Social Service. 

There is an Isolation Room on each building where COVID –SARS 2019 virus suspects are being placed while awaiting further screening and diagnosis.


"We are the premier emergency department in the Bicol Region"

We envision the Bicol Medical Center's Emergency Department to be a model emergency department in the Bicol Region. And to promote BMC as a center of excellence and competent health care delivery at par with the world's leading emergency departments.


Our mission is to provide excellent, timely emergency evaluation and management to all individuals who seek emergency care.


To embody the vision, mission, and core values of the department, the following goals serve as
the driving force to attain these:

  • To provide timely, competent, caring emergency health services to all our patients;
  • To have a top-performing team of emergency professionals driven to excel in their field, working together as a cohesive team with integrity and compassion for the glory of God;
  • To establish a world-class emergency department with modern equipment and clean, eco-friendly facilities.



    Uy, Diosdado C., MD, MClinAud


    Formalejo, Elizabeth L., MD

    Internal Medicine

    Pinoy-Villamayor, Kristy M., MD


    Formalejo, Elizabeth L., MD


    Zaragosa, Bernardine, MD


    Quidoles, Eduardo, MD


    Lao, Lawrence L., MD

    Ears, Nose, Throat

    Reyes, Marifee U., MD


Emergency Room Complex

Old Emergency Room (for OB and Pedia)

Last update: December 15, 2020