Department of Rehabilitation Medicine General Information


To be the forefront in providing the highest quality customer service and advanced rehabilitation services in Bicol Region.


We are a unified team dedicated to improving optimum level the quality of life of those with physiological and physical impairments


    Ong, Venggie A. MD, FPARM, DPBRM


    Delgado, Buensanta PTRP, MSPH


    Occupational Therapist
    San Jose, Jove Christian PTRP

    Physical Therapists
    Almoite, Kristoffer Butch PRTP
    Antonio, John Dominic PTRP
    Bagadiong, Salvador M. PTRP
    Banares, Archimedes PTRP
    Barra, Jethro Mari A. PTRP
    Jimeno, Ma. Ann Franchesca PTRP
    Orpiada, Pauline PTRP
    Pentecostes, Gehan PTRP
    Patoc, Enrique PTRP
    Prado, Marielle Mayca C PTRP
    Rogando, Erika PTRP
    Virata, Alexai Mae PTRP

    Physical Therapy Technicians
    Almonte, Mareia Divinah Patricia PTRP
    Baldemor, Mary Angeline PTRP
    Berte-Rufo, Wynona Xavier S. PTRP
    Bicaldo, Dianne Maree PTRP
    Martinez, Josephine PT
    Navarro, Jeff PTRP
    Ocfemia, Marie Jossa PTRP


Delgado, Buensanta S. PTRP,MSPH
Bagadiong, Salvador M. PTRP
Barra, Jethro Mari A. PTRP
4726125 (loc. 2214)

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the pay ward building (where the BMC Rehabilitation Medicine was located) is converted into an Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease (ERED) Facility. Hence, the BMC Rehabilitation Medicine is temporarily transferred to the Main Building.


Last update: January 31, 2021