Pediatrics General Information



  • Recognized regionally and internationally as the leader in relevant aspects of child care.
  • Promoting excellence standards in continuing pediatric education, sub-specialty training, research, and community outreach programs in the Southeast Asian region.
  • Prime mover in the development of Filipino technology vital to the delivery of child health care.
  • Fostering harmony, integrity, ethics, and professionalism.


  • Provide leadership in training, teaching and research, and expertise in medical and community aspects of child health.
  • Ensure an environment for child survival, development, safety, and protection.
  • Be responsive to continuing problems and changing priorities of the times.
  • Protect the interest and well-being of its members.
  • Treat all persons with dignity, honesty, and respect according to accepted ethical standards stipulated in the Code of Ethics of the Philippine Medical Association.
  • Be a wise and diligent steward of funds entrusted to it.

    Tolentino, Michellaine T., MD, FPPS


    Baturiano, Myla, N., MD, FPPS

    Adult and Pediatric Toxicology

    Froyalde, Janeta B., MD, FPPS, DPSCOT

    Ambulatory Pediatrics

    Tolentino, Michellaine T., MD, FPPS

    General Pediatrics

    Baturiano, Myla N., MD, FPPS
    Decena, Glenda C., MD, DPPS
    Formalejo, Elizabeth L., FPPS
    Guzman, Mary Ann E., MD, DPPS
    Tanchi, Philline Peppermint D., MD, DPPS, FRACP
    Vergara, Maria Nimfa R., MD, FPPS

    Integrative Medicine/ General Pediatrics

    Navarroza, Eileen S., MD, FPPS


    Mesalucha, Mary Ann Cyril N., MD, FPPS, FPSNbM

    Pediatric Cardiology

    Barrion, Eloisa Victoria C., MD, DPPS, FPCC

    Pediatric Neurology

    Nacarrio, Sussette C., MD, DPPS, FPNA, FCNSP
    Pandes, Grace T., MD, DPPS, DPSN


    Ababa, Leo Martin P., MD
    Abad, Evita C., MD
    Alegre, Jonathan A., MD
    Carable, Jovienne Kezia V., MD
    Clavecilla, Jelica Mira A., MD
    Claveria, Agnes P., MD
    De Asis, Dana Marie S., MD
    Dela Cruz, Jenny Y., MD
    Edem, Robie Lloyd, MD
    Lozada, Melrose C., MD
    Mariano, Anjz Jakaro, MD
    Martinez, Filipina Malaya L., MD
    Panagsagsan, Frenche T., MD
    Sanchez, Emilyn P., MD
    Sia, Rani Aidelind E., MD
    Songcuya, Michael Angelo, MD
    Taduran, Marian Trisha A., MD
    Talan, Ceri Jane H., MD
    Tolledo, Glenda T., MD


    Laysa, Joanne Grace M.


Filipina Malaya L. Martinez, MD
Chief Resident
Department of Pediatrics
2nd floor, BMC Main Building
(054)472-6125 loc 1732

Joanne Grace M. Laysa
Administrative Assistant I
Department of Pediatrics
2nd floor, BMC Main Building
(054)472-6125 loc 1732



Last update: December 15, 2020