Otorhinolaryngology-HNS General Information

The specialty of Otolaryngology in Bicol Medical Center was formerly known as EENT (eyes, ears, nose, throat) as similar departments in other hospitals started.

In 2009, then Medical Center Chief Dr. Ruben Peñafiel ordered the ENT specialists to formally organize as a separate department known as the Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery (HNS) Department. The department's modernization continued until the tenure of the succeeding Medical Center Chief, Dr. Efren SJ Nerva. The department now has its own ENT Center and operating room in the new 8-storey building and an ENT treatment room in the new 5-storey ER complex.


Be the Premiere Referral Center in Bicol through Innovation and Excellence in ORL- HNS Surgical Practice, Research, and Training.


  • To provide comprehensive, high quality, and accredited residency training program
  • To provide excellent services to patients
  • To produce world-class research applicable to ORL-HNS practice

    Uy, Diosdado C., MD, MClin, Aud, FPSOHNS, FPCS, FICS


    Peñaflor, Neil Aldriene I. MD, FPSOHNS, FPCS

    Head of Otology

    Uy, Diosdado C., MD, MClin, Aud, FPSOHNS, FPCS, FICS

    Head of Maxillofacial/Facial Plastic/ Reconstructive Surgery

    Peñaflor, Neil Aldriene, I. MD, FPSOHNS, FPCS

    Head of Rhinology/Allergy

    Reyes, Marifee U., MD, FPSOHNS

    Head of Head and Neck Surgery

    Bagnes, Archimedes B. MD, MHA, FPSOHNS

    Head of Laryngology/ Bronchoesophagology

    De Leon, Melanie M., MD, FPSOHNS, FICS

    Head of Outpatient Clinic

    Rosales, Lorenzo Juan Manuel V., MD


    Huang, Mark Ivan, MD, FPSOHNS
    Head & Neck Specialist, Manila Doctor’s Hospital

    Nacion – Lauraya, Rosebe M., MD, FPSOHNS
    Coordinator - Bicol University College of Medicine

    Pabico, Conrado, MD, FPSOHNS

    Rances, Karen Adiel L., MD, FPSOHNS
    Coordinator - Bicol Christian College of Medicine

    Reyes, Manuelito M., MD, FPSOHNS
    Eastern Bicol Medical Center

    Chief Resident

    Alvarez, Adrian, MD

    Third Year

    Landagan, Samuel, MD

    Second year

    Matthew Tang Lee Say, MD

    First Year

    Mercado, Joanna Marie, MD
    Yambot, Kathleen, MD


Emmanuel Dominic R. Garza
Administrative Assistant I
ENT – Head and Neck Surgery



Last update: December 15, 2020