BMC recognizes 21 Human Milk donors

Last November 24, 2022, the BMC Human Milk Bank recognized 21 donors who were generous to share their human milk.

One of the awardees is Anneka Caruncho from the BMC Department of Laboratories. As a medical professional, Anneka is fully aware of the benefits of breastmilk compared to formula milk. Thus, she has donated gallons of milk since February 2021. 

"I am a donor of not only the BMC milk bank but also the Pedia ward, PICU, and other mommies who find and contact me thru Facebook in need of milk for their baby. Being an over-supplier took a lot of hard work and sacrifice because I started with just drops as well... It is such a self-fulfillment to know that our bodies as mothers can produce such a wonderful thing that can help babies in the NICU to get better and graduate," said Anneka.


Kim Baydal, also from the Department of Laboratories, encourages those mothers with a newborn blessed to have a breastmilk oversupply to donate to the BMC's Human Milk Bank.

"Kami po kasi na mga phlebotomists o Medical technologists, nakikita po namin ang babies sa Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Nangangailangan po talaga ng human milk ang mga babies. Kaysa naman po masayang, mas maganda po na i-donate ito sa BMC Human Milk Bank" Ms. Kim said.

A big part of establishing the BMC Human Milk Bank since 2015 is the Rotary Club International, Rotary of Daejun Korea, Rotary Club of Timog, and Rotary of Naga. Hence, invited to the event was Mr. Michael Co, President of the Rotary Club of Naga, together with other Rotarians.



The BMC Human Milk Bank is vital in the survival of preterm babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Headed by Dra. Mary Ann Cyril N. Mesalucha, Human Milk Bank, is also being managed by Nurse Supervisors — Mrs. Karen Formalejo, RN, and Mrs. Melinda Rey, RN.