Female Deceased Organ Donor and her family honored by BMC Staff


The healthcare workers and staff of the Bicol Medical Center honors a deceased 36-year-old female and her family for donating her kidneys last May 26, 2022, at the Bicol Medical Center. The family's commendable act of generosity has saved two lives as recipients of kidney transplant. May they be shining examples for others who would wish to help.

"There are many Filipinos suffering from end stage renal disease whose quality of life can be tremendously improved with organ transplant. We want to emphasize that when someone donates a part of their body, they continue to live through the recipient and improve their lives. Please consider being a lifeline and continue to live for others.
- Dr. Mary Jane Uy, BMC Chief of Medical Professional Staff

Bicol Medical Center is one of the DOH hospitals with an Organ Procurement Office.