BMC celebrates Hospital Patient Safety

(Photo Courtesy: BMC Communications Team)

With the theme "Safe maternal and newborn care," Bicol Medical Center joins the World Health Organization in celebrating Hospital Patient Safety.

Dr. Ronnie Gregorio Gigantone, Chairperson of the Hospital Patient Safety Committee, encourages the BMC staff to advocate for patient safety.

"Patient Safety must be in every personnel of the hospital and every patient alike. And we will extend that to the people, to other government institutions. Our program now is to reach out to every district hospital, provincial hospital to spread our goals." Dr. Gigantone said.

In his message, Medical Center Chief II, Dr. Francisco Sales III, signifies the management's strong support to the Patient Safety Committee.

"Along with the call of the World Health Organization to stakeholders, I also ask you to engage in these yearly activities as support to their cause. I am extremely happy that all the committee has advocated raising awareness and stimulating dialogue on the importance of creating patient safety systems in Bicol Medical Center." Dr. Sales said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Imelda Socorro-Mariñas (Patient Safety Officer, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology), Dr. Niña Gregorio (Occupational Health and Safety), and Dr. Jose Manuel Rañola served as this year's Patient Safety presenters.

In 2017, through the Hospital Personnel Order No. 3 Series of 2017, BMC created the Hospital Safety Team. It aims to develop a culture of safety in the hospital under any circumstances, including disaster, an initiative from infection control, facility and personnel safety, hospital environment, waste management, and hospital security to achieve a comprehensive and cohesive hospital and patient safety program.