BMC reaches PGS Compliance Status with the Gold Trailblazer Award

NAGA CITY, BICOL – In 2019, the Bicol Medical Center was granted Performance Governance System (PGS) Initiation Status (Stage I) with the Gold Trailblazer Award for its strategy formulation and implementation efforts. Last July 28, 2021, BMC resented the hospital's progress in its PGS. Selected key healthcare and governance leaders in the Philippines served as panelists who looked at how BMC adopts the PGS in achieving its vision to become patient-centered, highly-specialized our improvements and assessed our next steps.

The presentation started with a 4-minute video narrating the two strategy recalibrations that BMC went through and the crafting of the BMC Strategy Map 2025. 

BMC - PGS Strategy Map 2025

Last January, through its Memorandum Order No. 2021-0001, the Department of Health charged BMC to establish additional specialty centers, which commissioned the management to have the second strategy recalibration, resulting in the BMC – PGS Strategy Map 2025.

Strategic Position:
BMC is a Level III authorized 1000-bed hospital with specialty centers in Toxicology, Cardiovascular, Neonatal, Orthopedics, Trauma and Burns, Geriatric, Cancer, Renal Care and Transplant, Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine or EREID, Mental Health and Psychiatry, Brain and Spine, and Physical Rehabilitation Medicine serving the Bicol Region.

As a Level III authorized 1000-bed hospital, By 2025, BMC will have nine established Basic Comprehensive Specialty Centers and five Advanced Comprehensive Specialty Centers. In addition, BMC strengthened and formalized its existing linkages by forming the BMC Multi-Sectoral Governance Council led by Dr. Rey Millena of DOH-Camarines Sur.

"The multi-sectoral group will relay to the Bicol Medical Center the need (of the community). Meanwhile, BMC can forward its plans, activities, and direction of Bicol Medical Center to the multi-sectoral group." Dr. Millena said.



Online Revalida

Instead of a Public Revalida like in 2019, the PGS Revalida was done online due to the pandemic. BMC's Medical Center Chief II, Dr. Francisco Sales III, represented the hospital. In his speech, he highlighted the hospital's multi-faceted and inter-connected approach on its PGS Roadmaps, especially on Patient Care.

"Patient Care remains our utmost priority, and no CRISIS can ever stop us from doing OUR MISSION, not even a PANDEMIC... From our hospital's overwhelming congested clinical wards, which we mentioned in our Initiation, our patients are now admitted in spacious and well-ventilated rooms. Timely for the pandemic, we were able to open the six floors of the 8-storey General Wards building, 5-storey Emergency Room, Modernized Psychiatry Buildings, Cancer Center, and some specialty centers and made it operational."

Because of the additional 360 beds for the different clinical areas, there is a significant decrease in the bed occupancy rate of the hospital, from 176% in 2018 to 88%, covering January to June this year. 

Meanwhile, the hospital management's commitment to its Linkages Roadmap enabled BMC to have an effective COVID-19 response.

"We optimized our established external partnerships through our linkages roadmaps and effectively coordinated with Municipal, City, and Provincial Health Officers of the Bicol Region. We helped capacitate health care workers on managing persons with COVID 19. We conducted online coaching and mentoring to municipal and provincial health officers on Mental Health Gap Action Program."

And Dr. Sales featured BMC's innovations for its Information and Technology Roadmap.

"Our iHOMP unit designed an Online ER referral system of pilot RHUs and Hospitals, which is available 24/7. In addition, both an innovation and preventive response, our Regional Cancer Center, which has served 7,874 patients this year, launched the Online Appointment System, which brought about SIGNIFICANT RELIEF, CONVENIENCE, LESS WAITING TIME AND EXPOSURE TO COVID-19. Other innovations of the iHOMP that improves service delivery include Electronic Customer Satisfaction Survey, Human Resource Information System, Digitalized Patient Chart, and Philhealth Automation Program, among others."

PGS Compliance with another Gold Trailblazer Award

To pass the PGS – Compliance Stage, the evaluators led by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) and its chosen panelists are looking at how a government institution like BMC cascades its strategic position to internal and external stakeholders. For internal cascading, according to Dr. Sales, the Office of Strategy Management (OSM), with the help of the hospital Communications Team (Comms Team) and the Professional Education, Training, and Research Unit (PETRU), designed the Clustering Method.

"We used the Clustering Method of Cascading to link the Executive Committee down to the Rank and File. To ensure commitment to the PGS, new and existing employees identified their significant role and contribution in the Strategy Map. For Standard Messaging, our OSM and the Communications Team produced a 13-minute documentary video of the BMC - PGS Recalibrated Strategy Map 2025, which we presented in the online and face-to-face cascading activities. Led by our Training Unit, we also organized a series of Focus Group Discussions to check every BMC employees' understanding of our PGS journey."

After careful deliberation from the panel, BMC was granted Compliant Status with another Gold Trailblazer Award!

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Francisco Sales commended the Office of Strategy Management, led by Dr. Edgardo Paredes, for their significant role in ensuring the continuous strategy implementation and accomplishment of deliverables. Also, he thanked the ISA and the BMC Community.

"I wish to thank the people behind this good governance advocacy – the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA). Without your dedication and mission to empower public institutions,/ and your support through mentorship and coaching /--- institutional reforms, / engagement with internal and external stakeholders (MSGC), / and better public service would not have been possible." 

"I also recognize the struggles and challenges the entire BMC community had to face, especially that we are still in the middle of a global health crisis. Indeed,this was not an easy task to handle. But then, as we go through this transformational journey, we realize how rewarding it turns out to be. This is not because of you or because of me; it is always a WE ---- our team efforts, our commitment to improve our services and be responsive to the needs of our clients that we are now reaping the fruit of our hard work. CONGRATULATIONS TO US!"

Although Dr. Sales is about to retire this coming October, he encouraged the BMC Community to continue elevating BMC to a level of excellence by working on the next PGS stage - the Proficiency Status.