Public Statement: BMC's COVID-19 and Isolation wards are now under full capacity

The Bicol Medical Center would like to inform the public that its COVID-19 and isolation wards for suspect COVID-19 patients are now UNDER FULL CAPACITY.

Regrettably, these wards are now under-staffed to handle the unending influx of COVID-19 patients. Also, its high-flow oxygen machines and mechanical ventilators are now all deployed and being used. Hence, there is no more available unit that can be utilized for new admissions.

In view of the foregoing considerations, the public is therefore advised that effective this date, and until lifted, BMC will limit its admission to COVID-19 patients with severe and/or critical conditions only.

To ALL LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS in the Bicol Region, the BMC appeals for you to help us by stepping up your quarantine facilities to accomodate your constituents who have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic.