18-Day Campaign to end violence against women

1. Tell people that VAW is NEVER OK!
2. Learn about VAW and what causes it.
3. Encourage and support those people who work to end all forms of VAW in your community.
4. Respect women and young girls.
5. Raise your sons and daughters as equals and teach them the value of respect for all people.
6. Organize forums or sessions in your community, workplace or schools regarding violence against women.
7. Teach boys and young men that masculinity should not mean degrading or abusing girls and women.
8. Make your home violence-free.
9. Participate in online discussions and social media campaigns to create awareness in ending VAW.
10. Volunteer for a cause to end VAW.
11. Discuss things with your partner and respect each other’s opinion.
12. Talk with your partner, friends and family on how you can support each other in stopping VAW.
13. Don’t make fun out of VAW or use it as material for comedy.
14. Educate young girls and boys about VAW.
15. Don’t use disrespectful words.
16. Never judge people who suffered from abuses and VAW.
17. Men: never remain silent, never condone, and never commit acts of VAW.
18. Speak-up! Never remain silent if you are a victim of VAW.

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