Red Hot ‘Hat” Christmas is the theme of the BMC Family’s Christmas Celebration for 2012. The fete which happened last December 14, 2012, was probably the most attended Christmas Party ever held by BMC, a show of warm camaraderie, unity and oneness of purpose among all members of the BMC Staff.
Villa Caceres Hotel, venue of the celebration, was teeming with Administrative Staff, Nurses, Doctors, all other members of the health team, as early as 6:00 p.m. Everyone was in his/her party-best (red was dominant), a sight to behold, with matching hats of various designs, shapes and sizes.. While long cues were experienced as the party-goers lined up for dinner, there was more than enough food for all.
The Production Numbers practically ‘rocked’ the hotel. BMC human resource is indeed a sundry of talents. They are not just devoted and compassionate workers – they are great performers – proudly BMC.
Villa Caceres Hotel Band played as the happy attendees dance their way through a night of beautiful music. The Raffle portion offered quite substantive contest prizes making the affair more joyful and merrier.
Pay Ward garnered the first place for the Christmas Decoration Contest. ‘Rag Tag’ Group got the 2nd place, and the Main Building, 3rd place. The Main Building was blossoming red balls, Pay used indigenous materials, but ‘Rag Tag’ composed of the OPD and all other offices/units located in the hospital peripheries touched the heart of Board of Judges. ‘Rag Tag’ defined the theme, thus:
RED    :our color of health, the color of our hearts; we maintain and sustain our fitness, strength and well-being to enable us to give service at its best
HOT    :our way of caring for our clients – warm, searing, burning, because our clients are our BOSS
HAT    :our commitment – we protect our community, and our community     depends on us for their wellness and wholeness, because our    relationship is based on trust and confidence
CHRISTMAS    :is what happens everyday.
Now that we have decided to start our QUALITY JOURNEY, we hope we adopt ‘Rag Tag’ Group’s meaning of Christmas – SERVICE AT ITS BEST, not only in December, but everyday.

Lina R. Patoc. MRM
Administrative Officer V