All Department Heads/ Section Heads gathered altogether for the first Expanded Mancom meeting conducted by the Medical Center Chief, Dr. Efren SJ. Nerva, last January 22, 2013 at the Amphitheatre of the Bicol Medical Center.  The MCC discussed briefly the meeting’s agenda – Roadmap for 2013, the Capacity assessment to be conducted by Regional HEMS on January 24, 2013 and the presentation by each Division/ Section head on the capacity assessment checklist tool.
BMC’s Roadmap for 2013, according to Dr. Nerva is all geared towards the attainment of the Aquino Health Agenda – the Universal Health Care, thru the three strategic thrusts; (1) Improving access to quality health facilities, (2) Achieving the MDG max, and (3) Financial risk protection. There were many improvements in the  BMC facility done last year like the repainting of external walls in the main lobby hallways going to ER, Ortho, Radiology and going upstairs to Medical ward down to the ramp going to Chapel; provision of ER Resuscitation room;  renovation  of  PMDT  Clinic, induction room and MDR TB treatment; provision of handicapped toilet infront of laboratory; provision of covered pathwalk infront of new entrance  gate  OPD  to SARS building and going to new OPD building;  and repair/ repainting  of  overhead  water  steel  tank  at  Ortho/ Surgery. Those were projects 100% completed for CY 2012 taken from the income of the increased number of Philhealth patients  that  patronized our improved services like the NBB. For this year,  BMC  is continuing its quick fix projects to better serve our patients.

Renovation of OB ward will be started, repainting of the Surgery, Ortho and Pedia wards, conversion of the stock room to an extension ward of the Medical Annex and the renovation of the Payward building. On-going major projects are completion of PHIC ward (former Nurses dormitory) 1st and 2nd floors, and the construction of Pay Psychiatry ward, Don Susano J. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital, Cadlan, Pili.

Towards achieving the MDG max, which focuses on reducing maternal and child mortality and morbidity, the MNCHN group of BMC will  continuously do their mission in strengthening the MNCHN programs, BeMONC and CeMONC trainings will be intensified. Targets for Newborn Screening and Newborn Hearing Screening will be increased.
The MCC  also discussed the plans for improvements in Financial risk protection where there will be no “out of the pocket” expenses on the part of the patient.  He emphasized  to strengthen the revenue collection especially from Philhealth  patients. He also made mentioned that in 2012, we have significantly increased in PHIC claims and RTH was reduced to a minimum. For 2013, our objective is to have  a zero RTH and ensure prompt reimbursement of PHIC claims likewise equitable/ efficient use of resources should be sustained.
Dr. Nerva also announced the upcoming visit of Regional HEMS in BMC for the Capacity Assessment of Level 3 and 4 Hospitals in Luzon. He mentioned the importance of disaster preparedness and he encouraged everyone to participate, to air out observations on their respective areas or offices concerning Capacity assessment checklist tool provided by the Regional HEMS. There were volunteers from the group who freely expressed their observations with regards to infrastructure safety and hazards, then finally all the checklist tool was collected and the meeting was adjourned.

 Ma. Bernadette Aspe, RN,MN