The Hospital Blood Transfusion Committee (HBTC) conducted the first regular meeting last February 18, 2013 at the Assistant Chief Nurse’ office. Presided by its new designated chairman, Dr. Ronnie Gregorio Gigantone  III of the Department of Surgery, presented the set of members representing Medical, Nursing, Administrative service and Blood Bank and Transfusion Service.

The committee is composed of the following; Chairman-Dr. Ronnie Gregorio Gigantone III; Co-chairman-Mrs. Eden A. Seminiano; Representatives from Blood Bank-Dr. Raymundo B. Ibarrientos, Mr. Mario Cecilio R. Chavez; Blood Service Quality Assurance Officers-Mr. Jesus Giovanni Dilanco, Dr. Josephine Sanchez, Dr. Rommel Galicia, Dr. Julius Co Soriano, Dr. Ma. Nimfa Vergara; Nursing Service- Ms. Jean A. Sesmundo, Ms. Juliet Fuentebella, Ms. Rinah Joy Alcantara, Ms. Marina L. Ibbarientos, Ms. Marly Fe Arias, Ms. Ruth Gienyle Rully, Ms. Helen Ascano, Ms. Lindsey Moreno, Ms. Josephine Eusebio; Administrative Service-Ms. Theresa Abay, Mr. Vicente Bien, Ms. Vilma Villaralbo and Ms. Jamielyn F. Morales, HBTC Secretary designate.—Mario Cecilio R. Chavez NVBSP Blood Bank Coordinator