The Bicol Medical Center – Organ Procurement Organization (BMC – OPO)

   Kidney failure is the 8th most common cause of death in the Philippines and at least 18,000 of people are undergoing dialysis. There is a vast need for organs and scarcity of donors; in the Philippines 20,000 of people need a transplant but without donors they cannot be helped. The organ Donation per se has brought negative connotations and is said to be dehumanizingTo address this dilemma we are starting a simple yet powerful campaign; rebranding of organ donation. What we use to call organ donor is now a “LIFELINE” and not a specimen for organ transplantation. A “Lifeline” who finds value in his existence beyond his heartbeats.

   The Department of Health- Philippine Network for Organ Sharing (PhilNOS) and Philippine Information Agency (PIA) in cooperation with the Bicol Medical Center and the Local Government Unit of Naga are heading efforts for information to achieve a Guinness world record for the most number of people to sign up as organ donors.  It will be a simultaneous event that will happen in 6 sites all throughout the Philippines.  Fortunately, Naga City (Bicol Medical Center) was chosen as one of its sites.

    The campaign seeks to break the record for single site registration at 10, 450 and in one hour for a single site at 2,755 which were both held in India last year. It also aims to set a new world record for the most people to sign- up as organ donors for 1 hour multiple site and 8 hour multiple site to be held at the JMR Coliseum on February 28, 2014. This advocacy seeks not only to allay misconceptions but also to promote public awareness about organ donation and transplantation, encourage people to be a lifeline (deceased organ donors) and share their decision with their family and friends. This will not only help reduce the waiting list, but will also help save lives by reducing the number of people who needlessly die waiting for an organ transplant. This is a significant change from the previous system that remains controversial - no stone must be left in getting the message across.

    Together let’s be part of the new breed of Filipino heroes and be part of a world breaking event. Let’s be a Lifeline on February 28, 2014.

By: Honeeleanne Borromeo, RN
(BMC- OPO Transplant Coordinator)